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Banking on the financial literacy of directors: is it a breach of duty when the numbers don’t add up?

Published by Andrew Lacey - Managing Principal
Apr 22, 2018
One of the issues that directors of companies regularly face is the extent to which they can rely on their employees or external advisors in fulfilling their role. This is particularly so when it comes to financial decision making. A director may try to wash their hands of the consequences of a decision by saying… View Article
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Why lawyers sweat the small stuff: 5 million reasons to include that comma

Published by Trent Le Breton - Principal - Commercial Division Leader
Mar 28, 2018
When it comes to writing an email, a formal letter to a colleague, or even a text message to a friend, the ramifications are generally insignificant. However, in the context of legal drafting, mistakes, however small, can have significant financial consequences for clients. This could not have been more true than in the recent Australian… View Article
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One size does not fit all: varying the scope of the Part 5.3A moratorium on proceedings against companies in voluntary administration

Published by Andrew Lacey - Managing Principal
Oct 18, 2016
Excerpt: Part 5.3A of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (the Act), titled ‘Administration of a company’s affairs with a view to executing a deed of company arrangement’, codifies an extensive regime of rules and protocols which govern the conduct of companies in administration. The provisions of that Part which commonly become the subject of court intervention relate to the convening of meetings and administrators’ reports to… View Article
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Brexit implications Down Under

Published by Steven Humphries - Principal
Aug 23, 2016
Despite being 15,195 kilometres apart, Britain’s decision to leave Europe has been described by some as a ‘king hit’ to Australia. Whilst Australia is unlikely to suffer any permanent scars from this blow, Australia will be forced to manage some pain and confusion over the foreseeable future. Others are more upbeat. Brexit initially resulted in the pound… View Article
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Avoiding a “battle of the forms”: do you know which terms and conditions apply to your supply contract?

Published by Richard Suters -
May 24, 2016
Many companies refer to their standard Terms and Conditions when entering into a contract for the supply of goods or services with another party. But what happens when two parties disagree as to whose T&Cs should apply? In this article, we examine the dangers of failing to properly clarify which T&Cs apply in a supply… View Article
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